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Ohio Womens USA Gymnastics - J501 Judge's Course/Study Materials Updated
J501 Judge's Course/Study Materials Updated

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The J501 USA Brevet/National /Level 10 Judges’ Course/Study Materials course has been updated by USA Gymnastics and is now available for purchase for those Level 9 judges who are studying to test up to Level 10 and for Level 10’s to use for education and review. The course will be accessible for the remainder of the 2022-26 cycle once purchased.

Those judges who took part in the 2022 USA Brevet/National Judges’ Course still have access to this course with the updates for 2023 at the below link. Just scroll down to the “Begin or Continue taking Course” section and click on the red “Begin Here” button.

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1. Judge Selection Process

The PIFs were created to select judges for Ohio state meets in an ethical manner based on the judge’s personal involvement with Ohio gymnastics. Criteria for selection of judges include (but are not limited to) the following factors: PIFs, CPEs, clinics/symposiums, training camps, in gym work, and level of competitions judged the previous year. The goal of the State Committee is to have the best judges on the floor, regardless of affiliation or demographics.

  • Judges who want to be selected to Ohio state meets MUST have their PIF’s in on‐time, as well as their most updated CPE form turned in to the Ohio SJD. There will no longer be consideration given to judges if EITHER form is returned after the deadline. Unusual circumstances will be handled on a case‐to‐case basis.
    1A. In addition, all judges must be current and up to date on all memberships. In the event that the judge fails to be compliant and slips from being current, a letter from the State Committee will be sent and the judge will have 14 days to rectify her situation. Failure to comply beyond the 14 day limit will result in the judge being removed from the meet and future assignments will be in jeopardy.
  • Judges must list availability and affiliation for each state meet independently.
  • A list of available judges for each state meet is then put into a spreadsheet that is distributed to each State Committee member. This spreadsheet shows all officials available for the corresponding state meets and their affiliation.
  • Each State Committee member rank orders (1 being first choice) the top 20 available officials for the 4-judge panel for the 9/10 state meet via e‐mail to the SACC. If the system ever drops back to 2-judge panel, this ranking system number will change.
  • A meeting date is agreed upon. The SJD is notified of the meeting date and asked to have a top 20 list of recommendations available for the meeting.
  • In the week before the meeting, a spreadsheet with the State Committee’s ranked selections will be distributed to all committee members for review prior to the meeting.
  • The committee will review and have a discussion about the committee’s selection of judges, taking in to account the NAWGJ SJD recommendations.
  • The State Committee will double check the list of to make sure there are not too many affiliated judges selected to the meet. State Committee will then narrow down the judging list of 20 to 17 officials to be selected to the 9/10 meet. Sixteen of the officials will serve in a judging capacity while one will serve in the capacity of meet referee.
  • Of the 17 judges selected, nominations are sought for selection of the meet referee. Discussion will commence and if necessary a closed vote will be taken. Then, the chief judges will be selected based on a.) non-affiliation b.) leadership c.) event knowledge/strength.
  • The next step is to complete the 4 judge event panels for the level 9/10 meet. Following this decision, the committee then must look at completing the 2 judge panels for the remaining weekend, this time based on a.) availability b.) event knowledge/strength c.) carpools
    NOTE: In the case that Levels 6/7/8 are not held in conjunction with Levels 9/10 state meet, it is a rule of thumb that any designated alternates to the Level 9/10 state meet be given first consideration as a meet referees/panel judge to the Level 6/7/8 state meet.
  • The State Committee will then proceed to select the meet referees for the remaining state meets. Meet referees are verbally nominated by someone on the committee. If there is more than 1 candidate, a closed vote will be taken to determine who will be chosen. In the event that 2 sets of judges will be used, two meet referees will be selected. A closed vote will be taken to determine meet referee #1 and meet referee #2. If by chance the meet only uses 1 set of judges, MR #2 would become the first panel judge.
  • Upon selection of meet referees, the State Committee will consider the availability of all judges for the remaining state meets.
  • The next step is to determine the panel judges for the remaining state meets. Again, using all tools, and recommendations through the completion of the assignments.
  • Discussion follows to review that no one is on more than two state meets, people who are available are not forgotten, and any other factors necessary are taken into consideration.
  • Alternates are then added to all remaining meets. *Alternates are expected to secure the date and to remain available. If a judge comes off a meet, panels may potentially change.
  • Judges and alternates will be sent an acceptance e‐mail for the meets that they have been assigned along with a contract.
    1A. We understand that no one likes to be the alternate and not selected to the starting line- up, the likelihood that someone will get sick or have personal/family situation is high (especially with the greater number of judges on the floor), so, your patience and understanding that you are a VERY VALUABLE and needed TEAM OHIO player and are much appreciated.
  • The state meet assignments will be added to the website.
  • The State Committee working with the SJD’s will assign all judges events.

2. Forms and downloads

Judging Accreditation


Judge In Gym Form


Request For Judges

GymJas Website

3. Resources & Links

National NAWGJ
Open Site
Region 5 Website
Open Site
USAG Website
Open Site

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