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Region 5 Committee Directory

The Region 5 USA Gymnastics Committe Directory can be found on the Region5.com website.
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USA Gymnastics Staff Directory

The National Office Directory can be found on the UsaGym.org website.
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National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges

It is the mission of the National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges to provide professional develoment for its members and to support and promote women's gymnastics in the United States.
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AAU Gymnastics

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is a member organization of USA Gymnastics and offers competitions for 32 different sports for all ages and all skill levels at the local, district, regional and national levels. The AAU has been in existence since 1888, has over 625,000 members and offers Gymnastics for Boys, Girls and the newest gymnastics discipline: Free-style Acrobatics!
The state of Ohio has two "Districts" (geographical areas defined by the AAU): the Ohio District and the Lake Erie District. To learn which district your club is located in check the office link. For general information about AAU Gymnastics visit the AAU Gymnastics website.
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