Competitions - Athlete Tax

Competitions-Athlete Tax

For all USAG Sanctioned Events held in Ohio, a $1 ‘athlete tax" charge will be due to both the State USAG Account and the Region 5 USAG Account. This is due within 14 days of completion of the event.


  • If not paid by deadline (14 days following the event)- SACC will contact meet host for payment. If payment not remitted within 30 days, any future event hosted by the meet host will not be eligible for state qualification or mobility until paid in full. Additionally, the host will not be eligible to host a state meet until paid in full.
State Athlete Tax
Check payable to: Ohio USA Gymnastics
Mail to:
Kristy Fries, Ohio SACC
8185 Business Way
Plain City, OH 43064
Region 5 Athlete Tax
Check payable to: Region 5 USAG
Mail to:
Dave Stiles, RACC
105 Woodland Lane
Carmel, IN 46032

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