Mentor Coaches

Mentor Coaches

In an effort to raise the level of gymnastics in Ohio to compete amongst the best in our region and nation, we are looking for volunteer coaches to share their knowledge with others in our state. We are looking for some established coaches to mentor developing coaches in Ohio. If you would be willing to allow a coach to come to your gym and bring 1-2 gymnasts to observe & learn, we would appreciate you completing this form so that the information could be placed on the Ohio USAG website. Coaches would then contact you directly or coaches could contact me to assist in contacting gyms.

The Ohio USAG is recommending that the number of visits be limited to 2 from the same gym. This way we hope that our endeavors will not “wear out” any of our volunteer coaches. We also envision, if permission is given, that you consider them be allowed to bring 1 or 2 gymnasts so that perhaps they could spot them or work drills with their own gymnast along side some of Ohio’s best.

Coaches requesting a mentor:
Please be aware that you are a guest in their gym. Please follow their rules. We recommend that gyms offer no more than two visits per month from a visiting gym. Realizing that some gyms may have numerous requests, please be respectful when they are not able to accommodate your visit.

We are so excited to offer this to our clubs in Ohio. Thank You!

Unable to locate the information you are looking for?

We have many options for helping you locate the correct contact information. Many times your own gym will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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