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Ohio State Administrative Committee Responsibilities For Xcel Competitions

Xcel rules are dictated by the National Committee. However, there are "state's rights" and these are areas of the rules in which each state can adjust to suit their population. Each point below is a state's right and how Ohio has voted:

1. Number of judges used for USA sanctioned competitions. Ohio will require two judges for all meets with permission to petition to use one judge for unusual weekends where judges are at a minimum and the meet is of low importance. Petitions should be made to Michelle Crane at michelleallstarz@gmail.com.

2. All Xcel divisions may be judged by professional, or jr. professional coach member. Only rated officials can be used for all Ohio meets. . Judges must have a Level 8 rating or higher for Xcel Bronze, Xcel Silver, and Xcel Gold. Judges must have a Level 9 rating or higher for Xcel Platinum and Xcel Diamond.

3. An affiliated judge can be used for a one-judge panel for Bronze, Silver and Gold divisions. In extenuating circumstances a meet director may request permission from the SAC to allow an affiliated one-judge panel for Platinum and Diamond divisions. The State Committee does not want affiliated judges to be assigned in a one judge panel unless unforeseen circumstances exist such as judge does not show.

4. Entry fees for championships: $70 entry fee for all Xcel levels at all championships.

5. Qualifying procedures to the championship. See chart on page four.

6. Individual awards for championship with a minimum as stated in R & P. We are following guidelines as they relate to the corresponding levels of the JO program.

7. Team awards awarded for each division (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond).

8. Divisions will not be combined for team awards. At state championships, team awards will be offered only if numbers allow.

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