Ohio Gymnastics Competition Calendar

Ohio State Administrative Committee Responsibilities For Xcel Competitions

Xcel rules are dictated by the National Committee. However, there are "state's rights" and these are areas of the rules in which each state can adjust to suit their population. Each point below is a state's right and how Ohio has voted:

1. Xcel:
   ▪ 1-judge panels are permitted for mobility from Gold to Platinum
    **Gold has been changed to an entry level per USAG R&P, so no mobility is required from Silver to Gold
   ▪ 2-judge panels are required for mobility from Platinum to Diamond
   State Qualification:
   Xcel State Qualifications
    ▪ 1-judge panel is permitted for Bronze state qualification
    ▪ 2-judge panels are required for Silver and above

2. Judges Ratings
Xcel- following R&P for Xcel Ratings Requirements
    ▪ A Level 7/8 rating is required for Platinum and Diamond divisions.
    ▪ A minimum of Level 9 rating is recommended for Diamond division

3. Entry fees for championships: $100 entry fee for all Xcel levels at all championships.

4. Qualifying procedures to the championship.
 Bronze, Silver, Gold: 28.00 All Around
     Platinum, Diamond: 30.00 All Around

5. Individual awards for championship with a minimum as stated in R & P.

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